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Surge Protection System

A small investment can deliver big protection when it comes to protecting your home. Take a quick inventory of your home and you’ll see why power surge protection is more important than ever before. Your most expensive electronics are also the most vulnerable to damage from voltage spikes. Computers, stereos, home theater equipment and other electronics can represent a tremendous investment in a household. Even small surges that happen over time can severely damage your sensitive electronics.

Parke County REMC can help you protect your lifestyle from interruptions, and your investments from damage with a Home Guard Meter Can Protector.




Additional Products Available:

Power Strip- 8 outlet AC Protection with Telephone & Coax
SmartStrip Surge Protector-7 outlet
Single Outlet
Single Outlet w/ Phone Jack or TV

For more information, please stop in or call our office for details at ( 765) 569-3133 or (800) 537-3913.